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Lejie Liu

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering in Progress
M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2015
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2012

My PhD is focused on contact tribology, more specifically, the analysis of energy dissipation. For metallic assemblies, frictional damping is orders of magnitude higher than material damping, and hence, controls the amplitude of dynamic response of structures to a great extent. Therefore, accurate estimation and tuning of frictional damping is critical for proper design, safety and reliability of assembled structures. I am currently working on how surface geometry and loading conditions affect frictional energy dissipation under different contact situations.  I have investigated the frictional losses of wavy surface (wrinkling) in contact with rigid plate under specific normal and shear loadings. By discussing surface wrinkling mechanisms, I conclude that controlling geometry and shear load fluctuations enable tuning of energy dissipation within orders of magnitude, and thus provide a sustainable mean of damping control. The future goal of my research is to investigate tuning frictional energy dissipation based on different materials in contact, such as fractal surfaces and poroelasticity materials.