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Sohan Shinde

Sohan Shinde
M.S. Mechanical Engineering in Progress 
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2013

Research Background:

Energy dissipation in simple terms can be defined as the conversion of mechanical energy into heat. The generation of heat by friction is a universal phenomenon in the field of engineering and physics. In case of elastic contacts, the frictional power required to sustain the sliding is dissipated as heat over the minute contact areas of the asperities. Even though the surface heating resulting from the frictional energy dissipation leads to the expansion of the surface layers, frictional energy dissipation phenomenon is very important as it helps in effective structural damping.

The aim of my research study "Tuning Frictional Energy Dissipation by Tangential and Normal Oscillations: Simulations and Experiments" is to continue to assess the factors influencing frictional energy dissipation by applying periodic normal and tangential loads to a Finite Element Model of an elastic spherical contact. The effect of increase in the cyclic frequency ratio between the normal and tangential loads on frictional energy dissipation is of particular interest. Abaqus simulations are followed by the experimental study where scratch tests are being performed using Hysitron Inc’s Nano Indenter on silicon rubber to study the effects of various factors like increase in the amplitude of normal and tangential load fluctuations and frequency ratios on the frictional energy dissipation.