Current Projects

Mechanical characterization of bio-interfaces by shear wave scattering

Investigation of multiscale and nonstationary dynamics of materials and complex structures using multipoint laser vibrometer

Compact, reliable and cost-efficient dampers inspired by articular cartilage

Nonlinearities in presliding contacts

Energy dissipation and wave transmission across interfaces

Inverse dynamics characterization of jointed structures

Micromechanical characterization of cartilage, subchondral bone and cartilage growth plate

Nanomechanical characterization of laser polished and irradiated materials

Damping through poroelastic coatings

Completed Projects

Kinetics of shear band nucleation in bulk metallic glasses

Wear Analysis of Modular Hip Implants

Micromechanics and tribology of skin tissues and equivalents

Variations and uncertainties in static friction coefficients

Tribological characterization of polymeric films and relation to tactile perception

A nonlinear acoustic emission sensor design for microscale materials testing.