ME 306 - Mechanics of Materials

Relationship between internal stresses and deformations produced by external forces acting on deformable bodies, and design principles based on mechanics of solids: normal stresses, shear stresses, and deformations produced by tensile, compressive, torsional, and bending loading of members; beam deflections; elastic energy and impact; multi-dimensional stress states; and buckling of columns.

ME 440 - Intermediate vibrations

Harmonic motion; natural frequencies and vibration of damped and undamped single and multi-degree of freedom systems; modal analysis; influence coefficients; lumped-mass modeling; dynamic load factors; Rayleigh's method; flow-induced vibrations; shaft whirl; balancing; vibration absorbers and tuned mass dampers; finite element modeling

ME 740 - advanced vibrations

Nonlinear Vibrations; Random Vibrations; Vibration of Continuous Systems 

An introduction to friction, wear and lubrication; engineering surfaces; surface properties and surface topography; Hertzian contacts, and contact of rough surfaces.